The Podcast Player Designed To Build Your Email List and Grow Your Audience

(plus automatically publish podcast episodes to your website)

John Lee Dumas

I've been looking for a way to IGNITE my site, both mobile and desktop, and Simple Podcast Press does just that. With a single click I updated 650 podcast episodes on my site to add a killer audio player with rockin call-to-action buttons to grow Fire Nation!

John Lee Dumas,

Grow Your Audience Faster

Automatically add subscribe buttons and email opt-in boxes below the player to quickly grow your listener base and your email list.

  • Includes a mobile-friendly customizable player
  • Add automation, clickable timestamps, and email opt-in boxes to Smart Podcast Player and Podcast Playr
  • Works seamlessly with Blubrry's PowerPress plugin
  • Clammr integration makes sharing your podcast easy

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Click the button below and complete your information. You can try out Simple Podcast Press for the first 30 days. If you’re not completely thrilled, simply cancel and keep the plugin for free.

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Safe & Secure. Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Publish Podcasts To Your Website Automatically

If you use Libsyn, SoundCloud, Spreaker, PodBean, Buzzsprout, Blog Talk Radio or any other service to generate your podcast feed, get ready for full website publishing automation.

Here is how it works. This software is a WordPress plugin.  You install it, enter your iTunes URL, and that's it!

In seconds, it will create a unique page for each of your podcast episodes and automatically add a mobile-friendly player along with the full description and images from your podcast feed.

From now on, each time you publish a new podcast, it will automatically appear on your site (you don't even have to log in to your site if you don't want to!)

Watch how easy it is to add podcasts to your site!

Compatible With All Podcasting Platforms

More Than Just A Podcast Player

  • Worldwide iTunes Reviews

    Automatically showcase latest your 4 or 5 star worldwide iTunes Reviews on any page or sidebar.  You also have access to all the reviews from the convenience of your WordPress dashboard.

  • Clammr Integration

    Full Clammr integration so listeners can easily share snippets of audio on Facebook and Twitter with one click.

  • Fully Customizable Buttons

    Automatically add custom call-to-action buttons to all your episode pages.  You can customize the colours and what page they take your listeners too.

  • One Click Tweetables

    Grow your following on Twitter by turning any text on your show notes page into a beautiful tweetable that can be easily shared with a single click.

  • Clickable Timestamps

    All time-codes on your show notes page automatically become clickable allowing listeners to easily jump to a specific time in the player keeping them engaged longer.

  • Podcast Archive Table

    With a single click, create a table that automatically updates itself with all your episodes including a link to download or to click through to the show notes page for that episode.

  • Clutter-free Transcripts

    Easily add full transcripts without cluttering up your show notes page.  These transcripts are collapsable and only appear when someone clicks on them.

  • Automatic URL Shortener

    Automatically shorten the URL of your show notes pages so you can give your listeners a short URL so they can easily get to them.

Grow Your Listener Base and Your Email List Faster »

Safe & Secure. Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Safe & Secure. Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Here Is What Our Customers Are Saying

Dave Jackson

We all want to connect with our audience, we want subscribers, we want to promote our show, and we want feedback. Simple Podcast Press does all of these in one plugin.

Dave Jackson,
Mike Russell

Simple to use and very powerful. This plugin is packed full of features to help podcasters to build their audience effectively. I LOVE the international iTunes reviews and the fact it integrates well with the main podcast media hosts makes it a no brainer for beginners and podcasting pros alike!

Mike Russell,
Mark Asquith

Hani has developed a player that puts listeners and podcasters first. Simple, elegant and speedy, Simple Podcast Press is a player that gives listeners the opportunity to get much more involved with your show over and above simply tuning in. Hani really understands the podcasting industry and continues to make all of our lives easier - top work!

Mark Asquith,
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Safe & Secure. Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Powering Over 900 Podcast Websites

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A Message from
Hani Mourra

I created Simple Podcast Press to help you automate how you grow you audience and simplify how you publish your podcasts to your website.

I also wanted to give your audience a great listening experience and that's why I created features like the automatically detected clickable timestamps so they can navigate your audio with ease.

I truly believe that the less time you spend on the technical side of things, the more time you will have to create amazing content for your audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Simple Podcast Press with Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player? +

For sure!  It is designed to work seamlessly with Pat Flynn's Smart Podcast Player.  You can use Simple Podcast Press to instantly add email opt-in boxes and clickable timestamps to the Smart Podcast Player.

Is Simple Podcast Press compatible with the Blubrry PowerPress plugin? +

100%  It is designed to work seamless with the Blubrry PowerPress plugin and will automatically replace your existing PowerPress player with the Simple Podcast Press player.

I create my show notes first before publishing my episode. Can I manually add the player? +

Yes.  You can do it very easily by adding the shortcode to the post in this format [spp-player url=""]

Do I have to import all my episodes? +

You have full control.  You can choose to import only episodes published after a specific date or you can even disable import off all episodes.  Plus you can setup the plugin to import your episodes as drafts so you can have a chance to update them before they go live on your site.

My website is not dedicated solely for my podcast. Will this still work? +

Absolutely. You can configure the plugin to assign a specific WordPress category for your imported podcasts. You will then have the flexibility of showing them anywhere on your site you choose.

Does this work with video podcasts too? +

Yes it does!  A video player with email opt-in boxes and subscribe buttons is included.

Can I purchase a single license now and upgrade later? +

Most definitely! You can buy what you need now and upgrade when you are ready.

How do support and updates work? +

Each license includes one year support and updates. Updates are simple and are done directly inside of your WordPress dashboard. Once your license expires, you will need to renew it (the renewal rate is discounted).

Note: you can still use the plugin after your license has expired, but you will not be receive support, updates, or any of the awesome new features that come out after your license has expired.

Do you have an affiliate program? +

Yes! We do have an affiliate program. It's super easy too. You can automatically add a an affiliate link below each player on your podcast page.You can find more details on the program on the affiliate program page